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Gift Giving Suggestions for Airline Crew

It is that time of year for gift giving. I put together some suggestions for Airline Crew Members! My pilot husband uses many of these Items. And some he might get this year for Christmas. Such great new items on the market. We wish you knew about these before!

A must-have for the pilot in your life. The best sunscreen on the market, small and compact to fit in every kit bag. My Pilot husband loves this product!



Another great item for crew members to keep those IPADs clean.


Plug-in. Warm-up any frozen food from home or store-bought. Amazing, a new product found that is so useful for taking food on the road.


Travel Umbrella

Small and compact. Another must-have for airline crews.



J-Hook Have you lost yours, need a new one?

Order Here:


Portable Coffee Maker

Portable, no batteries required. Great for a cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.


Portable Rechargeable Fan. Get HOT in a hotel room, on the flight deck? Small and compact Fan.

Order Here:

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