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Where Should I Visit? Dayton Ohio

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Looking for an overnight?  Try Dayton Ohio

We stay at the Crown Plaza (they will pick you up at the airport.) There is a roof top restaurant with an awesome happy hour and great food along with a fabulous view of downtown Dayton.  The staff is awesome too!

Just down the street from the hotel is an area called Oregon. It was settled by folks coming from the east going to the west and decided to stop in Ohio (they had had enough of the covered wagon trail!).  They settle in this area.  Quaint shops, restaurants and many old homes to see.

This is the birthplace of the Wright Brothers.  There are many historic places to visit, including their bicycle shop.  There is a great museum too.

The USAF also has an amazing museum.

Enjoy the journey!

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