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Flight Delays

Updated: Jul 6

Thunderstorms, Air Traffic Control or ATC, Pilot shortage, maintenance issues, Airline mismanagement. All issues contribute to flight delays and cancellations. What you need to know:

  • Check the weather, if there is an impending storm, call your airline and ask to be rebooked for another day.

  • It should not cost you anything to do that.

  • Have the number of the airline you are traveling with on your phone, If there is a delay or canceled flight, call the reservation number to

  • get assistance, they may or may not be quicker than standing in line to talk to the agent. But do get on the phone ASAP, while waiting

  • for the airport agent to help you.

  • Have a backup plan, Can you go to another destination close by?

  • Book a hotel by the airport that has a shuttle, ASAP. They fill up quickly when bad weather hits.

  • Airlines have hotel contracts for distressed passenger rates, however, they are limited. You must get a voucher for the discount, not really

  • worth it if you have to wait in a long line. Just go to the hotel.

  • The airlines will only pay for a hotel if the issue is caused by the airline itself such as maintenance or crew delays.

  • Weather or ATC would not be covered by the airlines.

  • Include a pillow and blanket in your personal belonging when traveling. You may be spending the night in an uncomfortable chair at

  • the airport. See it EVERY DAY!

  • Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes, You never know what will happen when you travel.

  • Have patience and be kind. Being ugly to the airline staff that is attempting to help you will not help you!

We understand how frustrating and upsetting it is when you are delayed. Telling us why you are traveling does not help your cause. We do not give preferential treatment to the best story. We just try to book the best alternative we can. Always try to go stand by on another flight. You might get on, especially if it is due to weather, many other travelers may not make it to the hub and flights go out with empty seats. If you cannot reach your destination within a time frame that is worth it, you can and should request to go back to where you started and get a full refund. That is called Trip-in-Vain. The airlines must give a full refund if your flight is canceled for any reason. Know the passenger Bill of Rights from the DOT. Be familiar with the Conditions of Carriage from the airline you are traveling on.

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