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Names on Tickets

Names on Tickets

The name on your ticket should be the name on your Passport and or Driver's License.

First and last name only. Adding a middle name only confuses the system, no need.

Never use a nic-name, or shorten name, Just what is on your birth certificate, which

should be what is on your government-issued IDs.

TSA has a new system that reads your driver's license or passport. As long as it matches your ticket

reservation, you will be allowed past security. TSA does not require you to be checked in

for the flight.

Please make sure you are checked in for your flight, and have a seat assignment or boarding

pass. At the gate, we do not know you are there for the flight and will drop your seat. It

can cause a problem for you, the traveler if you fail to check-in.

Once the reservation has been made, you can change the name. It may be subject to a

change fee. Once you have flown on a ticket, you can't change anything.

Enjoy the Journey!


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