Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Can I fly with with a portable oxygen concentrator?

Requirements to travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator..

Before you board, check-in at the gate so an agent can:

  • Confirm that your POC is approved for use in flight

  • Test that you can operate the POC and respond to its alarm

  • Explain the phases of the flight when the POC will be operable

  • Check your supply of fully charged batteries to power the POC no less than 150% for the duration of the flight and ground connection time (including unanticipated delays)

Additional requirements:

  • POC must fit underneath the seat in front of you

  • You can't sit in an emergency exit, bulkhead or any seat that blocks another passenger's aisle access if you have a POC inflight

  • You may use your POC while moving about the cabin as long as the "fasten seatbelt" sign is not illuminated

  • POCs must be free of oil, grease or other petroleum products, in good condition and free from damage or other signs of excessive wear or abuse


Enjoy the Journey!


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