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Airline Beginner

First thing: buy a ticket:

 Travel websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Cheopoair, Priceline, Airline Websites, Airline phone reservations and Travel agencies are all great resources.

Now that you have a ticket​:  Day before; know where to park and where to check-in.

Day of; Be at check-in 2 hours or more before departure.  Most airlines have Kiosks (self check-in). You will need   your reservation information (flight number, destination, reservation code).  This is where you will check your bag,   get a seat assignment,  and gate information.  There should be an airline employee onsite to assist.

After check-in: Go through security. Find your gate

Time to board:  one hour prior to departure time, check your gate information (it can change!)   30-45 minutes before schedule departure time you will get on the airplane.   15 minutes before seats are dropped if you have not boarded   10 minutes before, gate and flight is closed.

On the plane, in your seat, seat belt fastened.  Enjoy your journey!


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