Airline Clubs

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

What is an airline club?

An airline club is at the airport and offers many amenities.                Food and Beverages              Meeting Rooms              Showers              Airlines Staff for assistance              Sitting lounge area   WiFiHow do you become a member?             Annual Fee of $300-$600 depending on the airline             Day Passes of $20-$70 depending on the airline             Part of a credit card perk             Included in a airline ticket (First of Business Class)  Where are they located?            Hubs airports            Large city airports            International Airports            Major airlines will have agreements with partner airlines.Should I join? It depends on how much you travel.  If you need to conduct business at the airport.  It is a wonderful place to spend time if you are going to be  at many airports! A day pass is well worth it if you have a long lay over and a long flights.

Enjoy the journey! IFR


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