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Airline Clubs

What is an airline club?

An airline club is at the airport and offers many amenities.         

  •     Food and Beverages 

  •       Meeting Rooms   

  •       Showers       

  •       Airlines Staff for assistance     

  •         Sitting lounge area  

  • WiFi

How do you become a member?   

  •        Annual Fee of $300-$600 depending on the airline     

  •        Day Passes of $20-$70 depending on the airline     

  •        Part of a credit card perk         

  •  Included in a airline ticket (First of Business Class)

Where are they located?     

  •     Hubs airports         

  •   Large city airports     

  •       International Airports   

  •     Major airlines will have agreements with partner airlines

It depends on how much you travel.  If you need to conduct business at the airport.  It is a wonderful place to spend time if you are going to be  at many airports!

A day pass is well worth it if you have a long lay over and a long flight.

Enjoy the journey! IFR


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