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Airline Jobs

Updated: Jan 14

Everyone knows about Pilots and Flight Attendants. But did you know many others make the airline FLY RIGHT!! It is a complicated network that relies on the efficiency of all departments. This is a list of some of the jobs necessary to keep the airline flying.

Captain: PIC Pilot in Command. They are responsible for all things in flight.

First Officer: or FO is the 2nd in command. They are responsible to do the walk around.

and work with the captain.

Both fly the aircraft, usually, one leg is for the captain and the next is for the FO.

Flight Attendants: Trained in safety to help evacuate the aircraft in case of emergency. Your safety is their primary responsibility. Listen to them, they have the authority

to remove any passengers if they deem them unsafe for flight.

Aircraft Maintenace: One of the most important of all jobs. Keeping the airplanes flying, maintaining, and fixing all things that can and do go wrong. They do an amazing job!

Gate Agents: That's me! ;) Our job is to meet and dispatch the aircraft,

We board the customer and make sure you have a valid ticket and the correct documents for travel. Help customers with disabilities. assist with any other issues that may arise during boarding or deplaning.

Ticket Counter Agents: Also me! ;) Check in customers for their flights. This also includes verifying all documents needed for your trip, as well as assisting with any other needs when traveling.

Reservation Agents: Help customers with travel reservations. A call center to

help with cancellations or delays, Assistance with any type of special needs, and answering questions.

Ramp Agents: They have many responsibilities. Parking and towing the aircraft out to the ramp area. Loading and unloading your luggage, cargo, and mail.

Weight and balance of everything loaded onto a flight. Checking for any dangerous

goods. Deicing in bad weather (extremely important!) These employees are out in the elements, hot and cold, and do an amazing job. Tough job!

Load Agents: Work in a central location. They watch every departing flight, ie. how many bags and cargo weights can be loaded. Where it must be loaded. Have to calculate the

fuel and many other things. Many times, there is a weight restriction due to weather or

other factors. A very important job!

Dispatcher: Files a flight plan for the aircraft route. Is responsible for monitoring a flight from beginning to end. Is a partner with the pilots to ensure a safe flight. They monitor the weather and talk with the flight en route. Assist with a diversion in case the flight is unable to get to the final destination.

Crew Schedulers: Post the flight schedule for flight attendants and pilots. Most major airlines change schedules on a monthly basis. They must monitor the hours they fly to keep up with federal regulations of time restrictions. This is a very big job as well, keeping the airplanes on time.

There are many jobs with the airlines, these are a few that I interact with as a gate agent.

We are all there to keep you safe and assist with your travel needs.

Come fly with us soon!

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