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Airline Lingo

Airline jargon,  What does that mean?  Everything is an acronym.

1.  ATC   Air Traffic Control          Government Agency that directs all air traffic, traffic flow and re-routing based on weather and other airport factors.  This group is responsible for keeping the skies safe. 

2. PIC   Pilot in Command        There are usually 2 pilots on most flights.  If you are going International, over       8 hours, there may be 2 sets of crew members.  The PIC is the Captain, the FO     is the First Officer or SIC, Second in Command.

3. OTS:   Out of Service.   Aircraft is out of service due to maintenance.

4. ETD:  Estimated Time of Departure 

5. ETA:   Estimated Time of Arrival

​6. Codeshare:  An agreement between two airlines, a marketing tool.  For                    example, you purchase a ticket on Delta and the flight number is a Delta flight number but the actual airline may be Qatar Airlines. Very Confusing but effective marketing  tool all airlines use and help each other with traffic.

7. FL:  Flight Level Altitudes. For example, the pilot would refer to an altitude of 18,000' as “Flight Level  "One-Eight-Zero”.

8. Gate Checked bags: Luggage that is checked at the gate due to the overhead bins being full. The checked bag will be checked to the destination gate or to baggage claim, depending upon the airline and airplane.

9. Regional Airline: An airline that fly passengers from smaller, less traveled                airports to the major hubs for major airlines.  

10. Mainline Carrier:  An air carrier that provides a higher level of service on bigger aircraft to larger more traveled destinations. For example, Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

11. Oversold:  When an airline sells more tickets than seats available on the                   aircraft. 12. Crew Legality: ​A consequence of delays the day prior, where the crew flew              beyond the planned schedule and needs a minimum quantity of rest before flight



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