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How to Cope with Airline Frustrations

Currently, airline travelers as well as airlines are forced to deal with a higher stress level during the Covid19. With the wearing of a suffocating mask as well as reduced schedules. Both customers and airline employees feel a bit overwhelmed. With that stated, Please be advised that it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to abuse, verbally or physically any airline employee. That would include the ticket or gate agents, flight attendants, pilots or baggage handlers, any airline employee.

Many travel disruptions could be avoided by keeping a few tips in mind.

  1. Check your departure gate often. They change frequently!

  2. Get to the airport early, time is always on your side.

  3. Know the Security Rules going through TSA

  4. Read this and other Travel Blogs 😊

As an airline employee, we do our best to assist you. We do not intentionally cause delays, flight cancellations, or any other adverse events disrupting travel plans. We have limited resources to help when things happen due to the current state of airline travel. You have to be patient and understand we try to get you to your destination as safely and as quickly as possible. I assure you we are just as frustrated as you. We are all in this together.

Safe Travels

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