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Are you Fit to Fly?

Updated: Jul 6

On any given day flights depart with customers that should not be flying. If you have had a recent surgery, COPD, blood clots, had

a stroke. Any medical issues that might interfere with air travel. Talk to your doctor about flying.

If the agents have a concern about your ability to fly, we have a trained medical staff on duty we can call to get advice as to whether you should be on a flight. If they determine you are not fit to fly, the airline will deny you boarding.

We unfortunately, see it all too often, a flight comes in asking for priority due to medical emergency and the customer is met by an ambulance and taken to the local hospital. Sometimes they are fortunate to have some medical staff on the flight to assist them. The flight attendants are trained on CPR and can help; however, they are not doctors.

You may not be at your final destination. You may not have a choice where you end up. Sometimes a flight will divert to another airport to seek medical attention.

Please take this in consideration when you schedule your next flight.

Are you fit to fly?

These are some great informational websites:

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