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Can I Take This Through TSA?

Can I carry this through TSA?

1.)   Guns      NO (you would be amazed how many people forget they have a gun in their suitcase!  NOT GOOD!!)  That goes to a higher authority than TSA.  No toy guns are allowed either. 2.)   Knives      NO  (most airports have a mail box you can pay to send it home) OR you will lose it because it will be confiscated. 3.)   Alcohol    YES   Less than 3.5 oz or minis. Only what can fit in a quart size bag.  (EVERYDAY, I see passengers purchase a nice bottle of wine, booze, champagne from duty free and forget to put it in their checked bags on arrival from customs.  You might be able to check it in a box at the ticket counter, time permitting, but, it will cost money to check another item. 4.)  Scissors      YES   Less than 4 inches. 5.)  E-Cigarettes  YES  (only in a carry-on, cannot be in a checked bag, catches on fire.  THAT IS VERY BAD!) 6.)  Lithium batteries  YES (only in carry-on, cannot be in a checked bag due to fire hazard. 7.)  Aerosols    Yes   Less than 3.5 oz and non-flammable. 8.)  Dry Ice       Yes   5.5lbs or less 9.)  Baby Formula    Yes 10.)  Disposable Razors   Yes

Any questions you have about what can or cannot be carried on or checked can be located on

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