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What can I Carry on an Airplane?

Each individual airline must file with the FAA their rules about carry-on bags.  The   FAA is responsible to the airlines to make sure they adhere to these rules. The   FAA   can and do impose fines if the airline is not compliant with their own rules.

Most Airlines have similar rules about carry-on bags on domestic flights.  International Carriers have other rules.  You must check with each airline for the   most up-to-date information.

What can I carry-on?

1 Carry-on bag that can fit in the overhead bin 1 Small Personal item under the seat in front of you.

Carry-on bag cannot exceed 40 lbs or 45 Linear inches W x H x L. Small personal items would be a purse, briefcase, small backpack.

Musical Instruments may be carried on.  It is considered your carry-on bag.  No   other bag is allowed.  You may also have a personal item.  If there is no room for the instrument, it can be gate tagged, that means it will   be brought up to you on the Jetway at the end of the flight.

There are other accommodations for large instruments. You may be required to   purchase a seat.  Check with the airline you are traveling with.

Cabin pets are considered your carry-on-bag.  No other bag is allowed.  You may   also have a personal item.  The pet carrier must be 19 inches x 13 inches x 9   inches.  Must fit under the seat.  There are soft side carriers too.  

Sometimes the airlines run out of room on a flight.  If you are at the end of   boarding, you may be required to gate check your carry-on-bag.  

Make sure you remove fragile items, valuable items, passports, medicine, car   keys. No electronic cigarettes or spare lithium batteries are allowed in checked   bags.

Other items not included in your carry-on allotment would be:

Wheelchairs Car-seats Baby strollers CPAP Crutches Canes Pillow/Blankets Diaper bag Small amount of food

Remember, carry-on space is limited and shared space with fellow travelers.  Do not put Coats, personal items in the overhead.    You must be able to pick up your bag and put it in the overhead,  Flight   Attendants are NOT allowed to help you with this.  Make sure it can fit and it is   not to heavy. ​Enjoy the Journey!

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