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Cell Phone Lots

Did you know that most medium to large airports have a Cell phone lot?

I was taking my daughter and her husband to the airport the other day and I said, O, there is another Cell Phone lot, that's great. She did not know what a cell-phone

lot was. She is 23 and her husband is 25. I thought they KNEW everything.

So funny, So the reason for this Blog.....

A cell phone lot allows the folks meeting an inbound flight to temporarily park- free of charge- until the friend, family or business associates deplane, collect their baggage, and call to be picked up at the curb front. It provides a convenient waiting area to eliminate the need for circling the airport repeatedly waiting for someone to arrive. Utilization of the cell phone lots results in less traffic and congestion at any given airport.

So next time you're meeting someone...park in the Cell Phone lot, you will not have to pay for parking until necessary.

Enjoy the Journey!


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