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Airlines handle live animals differently.  Check with your airline for requirements.

General Acceptance for Checked Pets: 1.)    8 weeks of age minimum 2.)    Fit for travel, no offensive odor, not sick, clean. 3.)    Suitable kennel size, one in which the animal can stand-up and turn around          easily. 4.)    Valid Health Certificate within 10 days of travel. 5.)    Kennel Requirements:  Rigid and secure, animal cannot escape.          Solid leak proof floor covered in absorbent material.  Good ventilation.          Bolted  together, has releasable ties. 6.)     Food and Watering Instructions. 7.)     Food and water dishes attached inside and accessible. 8.)     Supply of food for 24 hours attached to outside of kennel. 9.)     All know medications IE. has the animal been sedated. 

Other things to consider:

You must be aware of type of aircraft you getting on.  Extra large kennels can   only be accommodated on Wide-body aircraft.  Airbus aircraft cannot have     checked animals at all. 

Hawaii has special requirements.  No carry-on pets and other restrictions.

International destinations have certain requirements that MUST be complied   with. It is the customers responsibility to know both the connection and   destination requirements.

Snub-nose dogs or cats are not allowed in checked baggage.

Carry-on Pets:

Must fit in kennel, can stand up and turn around. Must stay in kennel during flight. Must be clean and have no offensive odor. No disruptive behavior. Must fit under seat. Pet is consider carry-on bag, no other bag permitted. Cannot sit on Exit Row. Carry-on pet fee is charged. Airlines must be advised of your pet.

Enjoy the Journey!


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