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What you must know about Checked Bags

If you are going on a flight, there are many rules about checked bags. All airlines have different rules and charges, check with your airline.

Here is an overview for most domestic flights on the major airlines.

  • Main Cabin charges could be from $25-$50 dollars per bag for the first 2.  

  • Excess baggage (over 2) another charge, from $100 and up. Overweight bags (over 50 lbs) another charge,  from $100 dollars. Overweight bags (over 70 lbs) another charge, from  $100-$300 dollars. Over 100 lbs may not be accepted. Over- sized (62 liner inches)  another charge, from  $100-$300 dollars.

There are exceptions for Active Duty US Military. There are exceptions for First Class / Business Class Tickets.  If you are planning   on taking many bags and they are over 50 lbs, it may be cost effective to  purchase an upgraded ticket.

If you have sports equipment such as a Bike, Surfboards, Skies, there could be an   extra charge.

Wheelchairs, baby strollers, car seats are exempt from bag charges.

All bags are x-rayed by TSA. Anything that is dangerous on an airplane will be   removed and will not be returned to you.  You are subject to a fine in some   cases   by TSA.  Check the web-site for a list of prohibited items.  

E-cigarettes and Spare Lithium batteries are not allowed in checked bags .

Airlines have a limited responsibility for loss.  Each airline has a Condition of   Carriage filed with the FAA.  It will be available on the airline web-site.

Valuable items such as jewelry , cash, computers, Not Covered. Fragile items such as glass, or any item that will break, Not Covered.

Damage to a suitcase is only covered IF the airlines caused the damage.   If it was dropped or ran over or caught in a conveyor belt.  Zippers and pockets   and handle are not typically covered by an airline.  That is considered normal   wear and tear.  

Put your name and phone contact and email on the inside and outside of bag.  You can lock your luggage, but, if TSA wants to see inside they can and will     break   the lock to look inside.  Use a TSA approved lock and they will use a key.

Enjoy the journey!


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