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Checked Firearms on a Flight

Updated: Jan 14

  • Firearms are allowed in checked bags. Here is what you need to know.

  • Minimum age is 18

  • Must be unloaded in a hard-side lock case.  You must have the key.

  • Rifle cases must have lock on each end.  Cannot be accessible.

  • Must be declared during check-in. 

  •  You will have to sign a declaration and put it with the Firearm.  It will be inspected by TSA. Ammunition is allowed.  Must be in original package.  11 lbs. Max.

Give yourself plenty of time for check-in. Every Airport handles it differently. It will take time.

Every country has their own rules and regulations.  You must check with  the country you are traveling to.

If you need an approved gun case order here:

Enjoy the Journey!

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