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Cockpit Jumpseat Etiquette

As a gate agent, I assist many jumpseat authorized pilots. Here are a few tips on how to assist yourself when you request to sit in the Cockpit. Only members of CASS (Cockpit

Access Security System are allowed to sit in the cockpit. Authorized jumpseat riders go

in order of 1.) FAA 2.) Own Metal 3.) Other Airline pilots

Here are some tips:

1.) If you are from another carrier please make sure you have listed for the flight you are attempting to jumpseat on.

2.) Check in with an agent to get on the stand-by list. As an agent we will check CASS to make sure you are authorized, we must have your company ID. The best option is to check in at the ticket counter (they have more time than the gate). Second option is a customer service counter (hubs will have these). Third option is the gate agent (remember it needs to be a minimum of 30 minutes before departure.)

3.) You can get on the stand-by list a max of 24 hours prior to departure. (other airlines will go by time-of-check in)

Once you are at the gate, let the agent know you are there. The agent will let you know how many jumpseat are available and how many are listed. We always try to get you a seat on the aircraft if available and only put you in the cockpit if not. Once the seat has been issued and you board the flight, make sure you identify yourself to the PIC.

Some cities are extremely popular, ORD/LGA/LAX/CLT/ATL. During busy flight times, there may be many jumpseat request. Keep close to the door and agent during the last 20-15 minutes of boarding (we would hate to forget about you!) It happens :(

Enjoy the Journey!


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