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Coronavirus Update

As an airline agent we are still working at the airport. The flights have been DRASTICALLY reduced. This is a fluid response to what our government has advised. Here is some information for travelers if you have a booked flight.

1.) If you choose not to go on your scheduled trip, the airlines will change your ticket without penalties. You can use a wholly unused ticket and change where you want to travel. Keep in mind there may be a fare difference you will be responsible for.

2.) The best way to change a ticket is online. The reservation staff is in overload. If you are not sure where you want to go, that is okay. You have until the end of the year or 1 year from the purchase date to change the ticket.

3.) Keep the ticket number, the 13-digit number on your receipt or on your credit card statement. A must have to reissue the ticket.

If you are traveling by air in the near future, here are some things you need to know.

1.) As an agent, we will provide as much space on the airplane between you and your fellow passengers.

2.) Due to Weight and Balance limitations we may not be able to upgrade as many customers as we have seats.

3.) Checked Pets have been discontinued.

4.) Food and Drink service will be discontinued on flights less than 5 hours (beverage service on request). Alcohol is discontinued in the main cabin.

5.) Many Airline Clubs have been closed or consolidated. Check with your airline.

6.) TSA is allowing up to 12oz in carry on bags for sanitizer.

7.) Scan your own boarding pass or give us your seat assignment to reduce the handling.

In the meantime, be safe, flying will return.


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