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What can I do if I get stuck at the airport for bad weather?

This past month has seen crazy weather patterns, many flights cancelled for several days. Freezing cold temperatures, busted water pipes at airports, hotels and homes around the country. What would you do if you got stuck between connecting cities? No Hotels, food or Car Rentals. It happened! Many families found themselves sleeping at the airport, eating out of vending machines for multiple days. SO CRAZY!

Things you can do to prevent such an event.

  1. If bad weather is predicted change your travel dates. Call the airline!! There should not be any additional fees in most cases, if it is predicted and flights are being cancelled.

  2. Reserve a hotel room in the connecting city. Call ASAP if your flight gets cancelled or a rolling delay. They go fast and airlines DO NOT provide hotels!

  3. Be sure your carry on contains a pillow, blanket or something warm to wrap around you.

  4. Bring food and a refillable water bottle. Very few restaurants maybe open due to employees not able to get to the airport.

  5. If you get stuck, ask an airport employee where a quite place is to sleep. Also ask if a cot is available. (I see this EVERY DAY!).

  6. Ask about alternate options to get close to your final destination.

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