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Do I have to wear a mask?

If you are planning a trip via commercial Airlines during Covid, you must wear a mask. The situation has been very fluid. Originally, it was optional, then it was mandatory but excused if you said you had a medical condition. NOW,,,,August 2020, it is mandatory and there are no exceptions. If you purchase an airline ticket, the major airlines require the mask.

The mask must cover your nose and mouth. It cannot have the vents. Check with the airline you are traveling on for more information.

If you are not compliant and choose to remove your mask or not wear it correctly and airline staff has to ask more than once, you may be denied boarding. If that happens, then you will forfeit your ticket and might get banned from traveling on that airline.

As a gate agent, we must enforce the rules of the airline we work for. It is unfortunate that we have been put in this position. But it is the current state of airline travel.

Airline travel is still the quickest and best way to get from one city to another. I hope to see you at the airport soon!

Enjoy the Journey!


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