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Frequently Asked Questions

Daily questions at the airport:

Why does the gate change?  At a large airport with many flights, gates change often. Another flight is   occupying the original gate you were suppose to arrive or depart from, many   reasons, weather, maintenance, crew delays.  So the airline has to move your   flight to another gates. Happens EVERY DAY, ALL THE TIME.  You must pay   attention!

Do I have to pick up my luggage?  NO, If you purchased a through ticket. Meaning, the ticket you purchased is for   your intended destination.  A-B-C.....many travelers try to save money by buying   a ticket from A-B  and then not do that!

Why did my seat change?  Some of the major airlines have different types of aircraft.  Sometimes the seat   you book will not be on the new type of aircraft.  If you paid for a specific seat,   you   should request a refund!  

Why can't you book me on another airline?  Because it cost the airlines money!  Airlines want to keep you on their metal.   Sometimes, the airline will put you on another airline.  

Can I go stand-by on an earlier flight?  Most of the major airlines today offer this for a fee.  But if you have checked bag   on a later flight the answer might be no.  The reason, if you checked a bag on a   later flight and arrive on an earlier flight, you might ask to have your bag be   delivered because it did not arrive with you.  Cost the airlines money, Most   major airlines will not allow that.

Can we sit together?  On day of departure the flights are booked and seats are taken.  It really   depends on the fare you purchase, how full the flight is, how willing the agent is   to help you. 

Why do I have to pay for my bags?   Tickets fares are inexpensive, and it makes lot of money for the airlines!

Why do you have to take my bag at the end of a flight?  The aircraft run out of room.  Travelers put more than one bag in the overhead.   Also coats and other items are put in the overhead. Some folks take more than   their share of space.

Where is my gate?  Major airlines do not put gates on your tickets because they change so often.  Google is the best place to get the most up-to-date information.  Just put in the   airline you are traveling and the flight number.  I think some airline apps are   better than other with accurate information.

Enjoy the Journey!

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