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Gate Check a Bag?

Have you ever had to check a bag at the gate?

Many times airplanes run out of bag storage space. That is when the agent starts tagging your bags. What you need to know when and if that happens.

  1. Make sure there is a name tag on your bag.

  2. Make sure any spare batteries or batteries attached are removed (they catch FIRE!)

  3. No E-cigarettes (also catch FIRE!)

  4. Make sure it is checked to your final destination (not the connecting city!)

  5. Remove any straps or anything hanging off your bag.

Last week, my gate check bag did not get put on the airplane. BUMMER.

On arrival at my final destination, I had to put in a claim. The contractors that

work in baggage claim for the airlines are less than helpful when your bag does

not arrive. A couple of more reminders.

  1. Airlines must take a claim if you do not get your bag on the tagged flight.

  2. Airlines must deliver your bag to wherever you ask, home, hotel, tent, cruise line.

  3. If you can, go back to the airport to pick up. It took me 3 days to get my bag!

  4. If you paid money to check that delayed bag, ask for your money back!

Enjoy the journey!


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