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How to Get Help From an Airport Agent

Have you ever been to the airport when all the flights are cancelled due to weather?   Or your flight gets cancelled due to maintenance?

Here are some tips that may help:

1.)  Do not get upset with the person helping you.  I have said to many customers there are 2 people concerned with you getting to your destination. Your agent helping is not the person to yell at!!!!  They are there to help. 2.)  We understand you did not purchase an airline ticket just because.  You have a wedding, funeral, business meeting, vacation, cruise....we get it. 3.) Do not ask for a supervisor, the agents are the folks that can help.  The supervisor can only listen, say "I'm sorry for your delay." Your agent has the resources to take action and rectify the problem.  4.)  Do not ask for something outrageous. It is not in our control to give free flights for the rest of your life for a 3 hour delay. 5.)  Do not lay on the floor and cry, not helpful....:( 

We know it is upsetting and hard when things do not go as planned.  Believe me when I say we, (airport agents) hate it as much as you do.  Makes you unhappy and our job difficult. I promise we are in this together.  We do the best we can to get you where you want to be. 

During the rebooking process.....

1.) Call the 800 number for the airline you are traveling and try to change or book a flight while waiting in line. 2.) Go to airline web-site for options, take the best one. Now an airport agent can further assist and make changes if  necessary. 3.) If stranded overnight, get a hotel reservation ASAP, they go fast. The airline may not cover the hotel. If they do GREAT, if not you have a place to stay.  4.) Look for alternative cities that might work to get you close to your original destination. 5.) to your fellow passengers, you might make a friend. 

It is all a journey!

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