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Intoxicated Passengers

Going on a flight any time soon? Feeling a bit anxious? Thinking about getting a drink before you get on the airplane? Here is what you need to know.

This year we have seen a rise in Intoxicated passengers. As gate agents, we can and do deny boarding if you exhibit behaviors of being intoxicated. You must be able to understand and follow directions on board a flight. It is to keep you and your fellow passengers safe.

Currently, we do not sell alcohol in the main cabin. You are not allowed to take alcohol on the airplane. Many travelers indulge at airport restaurants.

Please remember to keep your wits about you when you are traveling on public transportation. Also, know that it is a federal offense for passengers to interfere with a flight attendant gate agent. We can and will deny boarding and you can lose the fare of your ticket.

We all understand that it has been a trying year, however, it does not excuse the misconduct when traveling by air.

Update: Airlines are now service alcohol again on flights. Just remember, it does affect you differently in the air.

Enjoy the Journey.

Happy Travels!


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