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Lost and Found Items

Have you lost something at an airport or on a flight?

Items lost at an airport will go to lost and found. You will need to contact the   airport authority. Most airports use travelers aid or airport police department.     Check the airport web-site for more information.

Items left on an airplane will get turned over to the airline.  Small airports, non-   hubs will send items to baggage service. At larger airports, airlines will have their   own lost and found office.  You will need to check your airline web-site and fill     out a report as soon as possible.

Items left at Security will be held by TSA.  Check website for more   information.

Airlines DO try to get things back to you. However, items left on the airplane, COULD travel around the system until the aircraft arrives at the overnight city.  If   found, the cleaning crew will turn it in to lost and found or baggage service   depending on the size of the airport. 

Electronics are held for 30 days (at least with the airline I work for).  Other non-   valuable items will be held for 7 days.  They are donated to a local charity   according to the airlines lost and found policy.

You should put a phone number and email address on all things, including your   carry-on bags, phones, computers, jackets, passports, anything you could leave   on a aircraft or at the airport.  We do try to contact you if we find a phone   number.

It is also a good idea to take a picture of your things and have serial numbers of   you electronics.

Never put items in seat back pockets.  Always make sure you have all your   belongings before deplaning.  

Enjoy you journey

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