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What is the Best Travel Pillow?

I always travel with a pillow. Airlines do not provide them anymore. I have used 3 different pillows over the past year and would like to share my views about them.

  1. The twisted travel with a pillow. Good for behind your back or around your neck. Not the best choice for me but it does have many configurations.

2. Blow up pillow, My favorite pillow! Easy to inflate and deflate. Comfortable and easy to transport (does not take up a lot of room.)

3. Standard small pillow. This is what airlines use to offer (long ago). This is a good option for leaning against the window or putting behind your back. It takes up a lot of room in your carry on and is easily left behind.

There are so many options in the market today. If you are going on a flight longer than 2 hours, you need a pillow!

Enjoy your journey!


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