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Do you need more space when traveling on an Airplane?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Airline seats are small! If you need extra room there are many options.

  1. First Class, Much larger seats, between 5-8 inches wider. Much more legroom and better service. In some markets, a full lay down position. It may be cheaper than you think, it is worth the price for a long haul flight.

  2. Business Class. On some 3 class flights (Wide Body Airplanes). This might be an option on overseas or coast to coast flight. Again, larger seats and more legroom.

  3. Premium Economy, Roomier seats, and more service (Food and Drink) and footrest.

  4. Bulk Head. More legroom. You have to stow all articles in overhead during takeoff and landing. The seats have the tray tables in the armrest, so no allowance for lifting the armrest. Not the best choice for a larger person.

  5. Exit Row, More Legroom. The tray tables are in the armrest and cannot be opened, again not the best choice for a larger person.

  6. Purchasing an extra seat. This is a GREAT option for someone needing extra room. All airlines have this option, talk to a reservation agent to get assistance with this. We do have seat belt extenders on all flights (Flight Attendants). You can purchase your own belt extender and bring with if you travel a lot (make sure it is compatible with the airline you are flying).

Also, many airlines charge for seats. If you are purchasing preferred seats, that just means closer to the front of the airplane, not necessarily bigger or more legroom (read the fine print). Call the airline directly if you have questions, they still have reservation agents that is an actual person you can talk to.

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