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New Airline Travelers | 5 Things you need to know

I have seen many new, never been on an airplane, travelers the past couple of weeks.

With that I have seen lots of customers missing flights due to lack of experience traveling in a big airport.

  1. Time is your friend, give yourself ample time on check in. At least 2 hours before departure. Must check a bag (min 1 hour prior), get through security, get to gate.

  2. Set your alarm for one hour before departure, you should be at the gate, make sure that it is your gate, correct flight number and destination. There may be more that one flight going to your destination, I see travelers everyday going to the wrong gate! And Miss their flight, NOT GOOD

  3. Check you gate departure several times, if it is not posted ASK!

  4. Do not over pack, Try to carry on, 1 carry on bag (9 X 14 X 22), 40lbs, and 1 personal item (purse, small backpack, briefcase) Two less stops to make, one to check in and one to pick up at baggage claim.

  5. Wear comfortable shoes, Airports are big places, you will do a lot of walking.

Be on the airplane minimum 15 minutes before departure. Have a great flight!

Enjoy the Journey!

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