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Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Service Animal are specifically trained animals to assist a person.  They have   been  trained and authorized as such by professionals.

Service Animals provides a function to assist a person with a disability.  Such as   seeing Eye Dog,  Hearing Assistance,  Detecting Seizures among other things.

You do not need prior notification for trained animals.  The airline may ask what   function it helps you with.  Airlines will document that you are traveling with a     service animal so staff is aware.

Emotional Support Animals help support a person during travel.  They must be   authorized by a Psychiatrist or medical doctor.  You must obtain in writing the   reason for an emotional support animal.  It has to be authorized and signed by a   licensed Doctor within 12 months of travel.

You are required to notify your air carrier prior to travel. Airlines will verify the   letter and put in the reservation that the animal is authorized to travel.

There is no charge for Service or Emotional Support Animals.  They must be well behaved and have no offensive odor.

You cannot sit on an Exit row.  The animal must sit within your space on the   aircraft IE: under your legs.  If you have a large dog that does not fit, you may be   required to purchase and extra seat.

Hawaii has state requirements that you must meet prior to day of departure.  If   you are leaving the USA, other countries have requirements you must obey.  

Check the Airport Website for additional information.     All Airlines are different in how they handle Support Animals.     Call and talk to an airline representative for more information.

FYI as of 2022, you are no longer allowed to travel with an Emotional Support Animal per DOT


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