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Should I take the Voucher?

Have you ever been at the gate and the airline agent ask if you can give up your seat and take a later flight?

Airlines overbook flights because travelers miss them. When a passenger misses their flight and the airplane departs with an empty seat, the revenue is lost.  It is better to over book a flight and buy passengers off than to lose the revenue.  

If you have flexible travel plans, it is a great deal to take advantage of.  The major airlines will book you on the next flight and give you compensation. Sometimes   you may have to spend the night.  The airline will pay for a hotel too.

All airlines offer something different.  The airline I work for offers a   transportation voucher good for a year.  You can use it for yourself or anyone   you choose.  There are no blackout dates, some taxes are exempt, and no ticket   fees are collected.

So next time you're flying, and you hear that, be the first in line.  It is first come 1st   serve.

Enjoy your journey!

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