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Spring Break Travel Tips

March and April are Spring Break for most schools in America. Family and Schools go on many airline trips during these months. It gets CRAZY at the airport.

1.) Arrive Early, time is always your friend. I have seen many folks miss airplanes due to long lines.

2.) Check your gate, check your gate, check your gate. They change often and travelers miss their flights daily.

3.) Bring a passport for your children. I have seen lots of familys think they do not need a passport for an infant or small children. Everyone needs a passport when leaving the USA.

4.) If your are taking a child along with your family out of the USA, check the rules. Many countries require an affidavit from the parents to travel with another adult.

5.) Check the weather, lots of Spring Thunderstorms hit during these months and cause a delay. Call the airlines and check if flights are on time.

6.) Brings snacks and an empty water bottle, big crowds, long lines. You may not have time to grab food during your connection.

Talk to your fellow travelers and Enjoy the Journey!


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