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Where Should I Visit? | Nantucket Massachusetts


YOUTUBE​  Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  It dates back to 1641, was the hub of whaling for a century.  The wharves and cobblestones streets of the Town of Nantucket are lined with restaurants, boutiques and steeped churches. The Whaling Museum is a history of Whaling in America dating back to the 18th and 19th century.  Every hear of Moby Dick?  You can learn about where the story came from.  AMAZING! You can rent bikes and go on bike paths all over the island.  My husband and I walked (much better!). We found the cobble stone streets and homes built long ago very enchanting.  There are Lighthouses and beaches are beautiful. We flew into Boston and rented a car and drove to Cape Cod.  From there we took the Ferry (Hyannis Port).  Spent 8 hours just walking and visiting museums, shops and taking in the view of the architect.

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