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Staff Travel | Non-Rev Travel

There are many airline employees that travel on flight benefits.  All airlines handle it differently.  Just a couple of reminders from a gate agent.

1.)  As long as your name it on the list, we will do our best to get you on. It gets very busy within the last 15 minutes before departure, so pay attention and listen for your name.  Be ready to go! 2.) If you can check your bag or get a gate prior to last minute.  It can be ready in case we have to gate check at the last minute due to no more room in the overhead bins. 3.) Do not hover around the agent, we are busy and that makes us anxious. 4.) Never walk away from the gate until the aircraft door is shut and the airplane is backing up. 5.) After the flight is gone, ask the agent to transfer you to the next available flight.  The airline I work for allows you to go to any city.  Have a back up plan! 6.) Do not be ugly or hateful to the agents when the flights are full.  You must remember, you are stand-by and only get a seat when one is available.  Most agents do their best to accommodate you.  This is a benefit the airlines give employees. We all travel non-rev and understand how difficult it can be sometimes.

Enjoy the journey!


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