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Where Should I Visit? | Toronto Canada

This is such a great city,  BIG city with lots to see.

Toronto is the capital of Ontorio with more than 2 million citizens.   It is located on the nortern end of Lake Ontorio. Such a great city to visit!

We stayed in downtown apartment with our family, lots to choose from or AirBnb.  City transportation is easy to navigate and understand.  No need to rent a car.  Uber and Lyft are both available as well.  

We purchase the City Pass (AWESOME!). Great way to visit many cities. Our family visitied

1.)   The Casa Loma (Highly Recommended!) beutiful home you can tour. Amazing history. 2.)  Royal Ontartio Museum, WOW, you could spend an entire day there. 3.) CN Tower, a must see, especailly at night.  So beutiful to see the city from above.

They also offer the Aquarim, Science Center and Zoo,  We just ran out of time to see it all and we stayed a week.  

The city is safe and wonderful just to walk around.  The supermarkets are also amazing to see, with such a varity to choose from.  Many pre-made meals there. I just like walking around in the HUGE food market.  So Great!

HIGHLY RECOMMENED.  We went in the July, great weather.   Flights are full so planned accordingly,  You can connect via many cities.

Enjoy the journey!

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