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Ticket Changes

Have you ever book an airline ticket and then had a change of plans?

Things you need to know:

1.)  Most non-refundable tickets allow changes, (there are always exceptions, like basic economy tickets).

2.)  There will be a change fee, each airline is different, probably $100-$300, depending on the fare purchased. 3.) Fare difference must be collected, if the fare goes down it will be absorbed in the change fee.

4.)  Tickets must be exchanged before the original travel date,  If you wait, the ticket will be NOGO,  meaning you just lost the money paid. 5.) You can change the city pair, meaning, the originating city and arrival city, if you have not used any of the ticket.

6.) You can change the date on the return ticket with a change fee but cannot change the originating city or arrival city. 7.) Tickets are non-transferable, the only person that can travel on a ticket is the person that the ticket has been issued to. 8.) You will need to go to the source you first purchased the ticket with. 9.) This only applies to voluntary changes. 10.) If a refund is due, it will be in the form of a Transportation Voucher, no credit will be refunded.

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