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5 Great Gift Ideas for Airline Crew

Great gift ideas for airline crew and travelers all over the world.

Hot Logic: Warm your food without the use of a microwave. Warm leftovers from home, or any kind of food in any food container, plastic, cardboard, even on a plate. The food tastes so much better. This is one of my husband's favorites!!

Kinder Fluff: Place in the cockpit window to keep the sunshine, heat, and UV rays out. Such a great find for all Pilots. Compact and easy to travel with. Do not leave home without it!

Backpack Lunch bag: Bring food from home!! Easy storage, easy to travel with. Can easily hold enough food for a 4-day trip!

Screen Cleaner: Tired of all the fingerprints on your glass flight deck screens?? Here is your answer to keep all those electronics clean.

Hotel Safety Lock: Sleep well knowing you're safe and secure.

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