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Traveling with Infants

Airline Travel Beginners


An infant can travel from 2 days to 2 years of age on the lap of an adult.  An adult is defined as someone over 16 years of age.  Only 1 infant per ticketed passenger.  If you have more than one child under 2, they must be accompanied by an adult or have a purchased seat.

You are allowed to check free of charge at the ticket counter, 1 stroller and 1 car seat.  Other baby items will be consider baggage and fees may be charged.

If you want to take a stroller to the gate, it cannot be over 20lbs.  I would suggest   you purchase a collapsible umbrella stroller which can be found on our Amazon   affiliate recommendations.  I would not suggest you take your expensive  stroller   on a flight.

If you want to take a car seat on the flight, the infant must have a purchase   ticket.  You will need to make sure you have seats together, car seats must be on  the   window.  

If you are leaving the USA, you must have a passport for the infant.   Every international destination is different, but all flights departing the USA   require a ticket for the baby. Some country's require a percentage of the adult   ticket, some just taxes.  But all require a ticket prior to flight departure.

If you would like to have the bassinet on an international flight, you MUST be in   the bulk head seat. Strongly recommend that you contact the airline of travel as   all are different.  Those seats must be purchased in advance. Please note, this is   a separate purchase from your air fare.  On day of departure, most likely, those   seats will be sold already. The baby cannot weight over 20 lbs.

Be sure to bring enough provisions  (diapers, formula, etc.) Delays can and do   happen, you need to be prepared.  Airlines do not stock infant items.

Enjoy the journey!

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