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Unaccompanied Minors

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

  • A child traveling alone 5-14 years of age must have paperwork filed prior to travel.

  • Children between 5-7 can only go on a non-stop flight.

  • 8-14 can go on connecting flights.

  • 15-17 can get UM service if requested.

  • There is a fee (most airlines).

  • Must have Name/Address/Phone information of person meeting them.

  • The person meeting them must get a gate pass from the ticket counter and meet the child at the gate.

  • Should take the first flight of the day.

  • The person taking the child to the airport must have ID and get a gate pass to take the child to the gate, wait for the flight to depart, and take off.


  • No overnight connections

  • No transfer to other airlines

  • No transfer to co-terminal

  • Most hub cities will have a UM room to hold the children until flight departure.

  • If you have more than 1 child traveling, only 1 fee will be collected.

  • If you have a child over 16, they can take a child under 15 without UM fees/paperwork.

  • Make sure the child knows who is meeting them, and has phone numbers with them.

  • The person on the paperwork is the ONLY one the airlines will release the child to.

Check with your airline for more information.

Get there early,

Make sure the people meeting the flight arrives early to get past security.

Enjoy the Journey!


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