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Want to Upgrade your ticket?

How do passengers upgrade thier seat?

There are many types of seats now.  

First Class Business Class Premium Economy Main Cabin Extra Preferred Seats

What does that all mean?

Customs ask every day to upgrade their seat. A few things to keep in mind.

On the day of departure, the seats are more than likely sold out or going to frequent flyers of the airline.  If you REALLY want to be in First Class, pay for it in advance!

If you are traveling on a day that has an open seat in an upgraded cabin, you may be offered it at the Kiosk or online during check-in.  Do not hesitate, it is a good deal!  But make sure what you are paying for is an actual upgrade.  

Everyday, everyday, everyday, agents get complaints that a customer paid for an upgrade.  In reality they paid to sit closer to the front of a flight, perhaps a little more leg room, or an aisle or window sit.  But they did not pay for an upgrade, which is usually discovered after boarding the flight and then they complain.  There is nothing the Flight Attendant or the gate agent can do.  No refund will be given.  

​Some vacation markets may be overbooked in the main cabin and not booked in first class.  It is rare, but it does happen.  In that case, the gate agent will do complimentary upgrades.  In most cases, we upgrade our most frequent flyers, active duty military, and some times, we just get to choose (so be nice to the gate agent!)

Bottom line, is if you really need to have the extra leg room or better service, pay for it in advance.  We do not have the authority to just upgrade because your are cute.


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