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Is there an App for Covid test needs for Airline Travel?

Are you confused about what you need to leave the USA to another country?

There is an App for that.

It updates proof of age, business membership, citizenship, health status, travel reservations, and so much more.

The platform operates on a biometric digital ID. It enables a user's journey from the United States via a trusted, secure mobile application.

It has been approved by many of the major airlines as an authorized source for international travel documentation.

So many new rules, that change quickly. This app keeps up with everything and gives you peace of mind.

  • Launched in September 2020, This travel tool helps customers find the latest travel and health regulations by destination. This is a great resource for team members, too.

  • Customers may also use the VeriFLY app for testing and document verification when traveling from domestic airports to nine countries and most international flights to the United States. This helps travelers check and verify completion of trip requirements and makes reviewing a customers’ travel documents easier for airport agents as well.

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