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International Travel during Covid for American Citizens.

International Travel during Covid 19.

If you are a US Citizen and are considering traveling internationally, check travel advisories carefully for the country you are going to. Every day, the airlines have to deny boarding due to restrictions with Covid. Travelers come from other cities. The agents that checked them in did not understand or monitor the travel restrictions for the final destination. When you arrive in the connecting city (the Hub), you get denied and sent back. Ultimately it is up to the traveler to know the rules of the destination. As an airline agent, we must verify you have what you need. I had to deny a lot of travelers within the past month. It is so terrible, but the decision is not up to the airline. The country you are traveling to has rules of entry the airlines MUST abide by. Things are starting to open up. The US government currently discourages traveling abroad. Check for the most up-to-date information.

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