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What shoes should I travel in?

There are many new, never been to an airport, airline travelers this year. I have seen some really crazy outfits. Traveling in underwear only, bathing suits, HIGH heels, complete head to toe cover-ups. Not to mention all the wild so called MASK?

2020 was a wild year! But as an airline employee I wanted to advised new travelers the best options of travel attire should be.

Comfortable Shoes is a must, you might be running?

Comfortable Clothes, something you can be in for a long period of time. Do you really want you bare skin on airline seats? Or Airport waiting area seats? YUCK

Sweater or wrap, even in the summertime the airports and planes get cold. Airlines no longer provide blankets.

Try to pack your winter heavy coats in your checked bags, Those get left all over the airport, try to limit what you are carrying with you.

During Covid, have a back up clean mask.

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