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Young Adults Traveling Alone

 What you need to know as a young adult traveling alone.

A young adult is over 15 years old.  We see and assist them every day, and have seen many issues over the years.  Here are a few helpful tips:

1.) Go early in the day, fewer delays and more options. 2.) Non-stop, if possible 3.) Same Airline. 4.) Do Not Leave Security  (BIG ISSUE!) 5.) Check the weather, if it looks bad, call the airline and see if you can reschedule for the next day. 6.) Ask Questions, do not be shy..... 7.) Be at your gate early, check-in with the agent to verify your departure. 8.) Do Not wear headphones!  Pay attention. Gates change often. 9.) Be aware of your surroundings.  Big airports, a lot of people. 10.) Have a backup plan if things go off schedule.  Is there a hotel that takes young adults?  Do you have friends or family at a hub that could come get them?  Is there another city they can go to if they are delayed or canceled?  Money for food? 11.) Charger for the phone.

Many things can go wrong when traveling, just have a plan. Ask for assistance.

Enjoy the journey!


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